+Monster Beats Solo HD and Sony E-series+

Recently buying Monster Beats Solo HD white colour
wuhuuuuuu syiokk gila bila dapat one of Dr Dre bitches ni..hehehe
Okay, i swear the sound was awesome 9/10 and it was a worth thing to have and i got it for cheaper price..hehehe..wanna know the original price?nah RM1180
I can't afford lah if that price but i still bought an original equipment from Monster..hehehe
in short it was called OEM.

Tadaaaaaa..this is my Monster Beats solo HD white colour..sexy gilaaaa

Thanks GTOracer (subang) for the package with monster cable..awesome!

The next 2 days after beli ini barang, i'm going to mines to buy sony mp4 (sebenanye boring tade keje)
Then i bought one of sony mp4 E-series NWZ-E463 for RM299 in turquoise color
siap ade polka dot lagi..hehehe
and thanks to sony, they are real sound engineer-based-product

Tadadada..full of polka dot..hehehe

Thanks to the clear Bass technology from sony..bila cucuk dgn beats,really eargasm!

Thats the two new gadget that i bought...more to come!yeah!!!


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