+Tune-UP 2011 Rocks!! +

At last Tune Up 2011 suda keluar..bravo..bravo
Dgn jayanya aku memulakan keje setan aku untuk meng-crack mende alah ni..hahaha
Leave it aside
now its time to show you what this thing can do to your pc

Yup yup yup memang awesome liao..Aku baru je gune bende ni tujuh hari and the result is obviously sgt better from the pas tune up 2010.

1.Dulu my PC take almost 15 seconds to boot up and almost 8 seconds to shut down tapi after gune tune up 2011 nak boot up just 6-7 second jek and shut down take about 4 seconds..haha

2. The idle maintenance mmg supeb. Registry akan selalu di-tweak and any common problem will be fixed AUTOMATICALLY tanpa perlu pegi tune up one click maintenance.

3. Now tune-up dah ada rating system untuk program yg digunakan dalam startup program..the lowest rating will be unuseful to startup program and we just can terminate it and the highest rating memang amat penting dalam starup process but also can be terminated if u think it was unuseful.

4.Tune up akan cari dalam segala PC system untuk PC brakes dan dead weight untuk dilupuskan bagi PC anda accelerate liao punya.

5. Hah, windows customization also included(macam biasa) but now lebih mesra pengguna.

6.Yang paling best sekarang dah ada teknologi TuneUp program Deactivator yang akan scan segala program yang rarely used untuk diterminate.

7.Yaaa the interface also was so different berbanding dgn tuneUP2010..more easy and convenient to use. Aku malas dah nak cite pasal ape TuneUP2011 ni bole buat..byk lagi lah.

so sape2 yang berminat untuk dapat TuneUP2011 FULL VERSION! please feel free to inbox me rather in my blog comment or in my Facebook. I'll give you the PRODUCT KEY!!
Ok so jgn buang mase..sape2 yang nak tune up 2011 full version punya inbox me ok.

aku ada banyak serial key ne..so cpt2 lah inbox aku yek :)

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