+worlwide traffic that view my blog+

Recently just going to see how much traffic from worldwide that view my blog..and the shocking part is there are a lot of viewers around the world that find my post about {matthew bellamy secret audio} by Bing and Google..damn awesome!hahahahablogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

this is the traffic that i gain..credits to google and blogger

constantapeq327 blog views worldwide traffic..click to enlarge
P/S:ini adelah untuk minggu lepas sahaje

dan ini adelah total view all da time..bile search kat google matthew bellamy audio secret my blog ranked 2nd in google..fffuuuuuuuu!!patot la ramai view blog nie..hahahaha

wahlawey tak sangke worldwide view blog tah ape2 neh..haha..ngarut lahblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


♥ain.shamimi♥ said...

hoi mengarut.

+Constant_ApeQ+ said...

betol lah nenek tua y dengki..blek!

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