The Love of a Betrayed Husband

The love we shared was special,
The times we had were passing,
The memories we made were happy,
The moments everlasting.

The friendship we had grew strong,
The love we had grew weak,
Our relationship grew binding,
But our future seemed too bleak.

I thought it would work,
The promises would prevail,
Our marriage could be saved,
I didn't want it to fail.

I gave you chances,
I let you make your mark,
I looked like a fool,
You kept me in the dark.

We have a special girl,
She's as special as can be,
She's our little angel,
A big part of what use to be you and me.

I made our girl a promise,
I would love her with all my heart,
Even when I find love again,
We'll never grow apart.

I hope Dear,
You will do the same,
For our angel is too precious,
And she is not to blame.

I know I will forgive,
I know I will survive,
I know I will move on,
My special girl will arrive.

You have done what you want,
And said what you will,
Soon you will see my dear,
That the pain you feel is real.

No longer can you change it,
No longer can't you see,
That everything you have put us through,
Can only benefit our special angel and me.

I'm sorry to see us end,
I'm sorry to see you lie,
I'm sorry to see you with him,
See your reputation die.

I will always love you,
As you will always know,
I will always have our moments,
Every time you turn and go.

I'm really saying goodbye,
I'm really saying farewell,
I'm really saying I'm sorry,
For this little bit of both heaven and hell.

Appreciate someone that always love and bare your in their mind...dont ever let them down because the pain was just killing :)


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