+Sweet 18 was replaced by sweeter 19 =)+

Today is my day
31st july 2010..hahaha
Time is moving very fast
I'm 19 rite now..wahlaweyyy
One years of 18 taugth me a lot of being a teenager
But i always made nakal things..becoz i wan to enjoy..kekeke
18 is a nice year for me...serious..haha
Now,i'm getting older and older
Thanks for all da wishes my friends
I love u all..thanks a lot :')
I wish this upcoming life of 19 will be better and so on
Hepi besday...to me =)

I rilly hope my life will be better with all things around me
And i'm planning something extraordinary to do in this 19..kekke
Dunno it will happened or not..dun want to tell
Keep it secret..haha



xinhui aka jellyfish aka potato said...

happy getting 0ld,grandad. =)
hav a happy old time!

♥ain.shamimi♥ said...

si tua sdg membebel

+Constant_ApeQ+ said...

haizzzzzz..due nenek dah bebel
tapi i'm younger than both of u..kekekeke

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