+It's Not Just An Orientation Day :)+

New intake passed last weeks
I got no intention to wrote about the new students..hehe
But the best part is
I as one of the great fasilitators in the orientation weeks :)
I learned and got a lot of experienced yet joyful moments for the past two weeks time
It's not great,but VERY GREAT..haha
One weeks of induction and one weeks of orientation
I'll miss my mass F yet all the facilitators especially
My group F7 is the best!!!!!!
I wont forget you all...so,dont forget me..haha
Next year must be faci's again.. :)

My Group F7....salute!!!!!!

Group aku sempoi jerr..haha

"Apek,zip seluar ko tebukak" kate zaki n then ak kene candid.. -_____-"

But the most important thing is
I got a looooottttt of friends..haha
Either from the faci's or the new students
I'm so happy to have new friends
[Herri la paling best..hahaha]

Pegawai Trafik Amanah.. :D

Whatever it is
For sure it was the most important and sweetest memory that happened in my life
one of it..haha

Last Day eating with all my sons..gotta miss them :)


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