+Sweet 18 was replaced by sweeter 19 =)+

Today is my day
31st july 2010..hahaha
Time is moving very fast
I'm 19 rite now..wahlaweyyy
One years of 18 taugth me a lot of being a teenager
But i always made nakal things..becoz i wan to enjoy..kekeke
18 is a nice year for me...serious..haha
Now,i'm getting older and older
Thanks for all da wishes my friends
I love u all..thanks a lot :')
I wish this upcoming life of 19 will be better and so on
Hepi besday...to me =)

I rilly hope my life will be better with all things around me
And i'm planning something extraordinary to do in this 19..kekke
Dunno it will happened or not..dun want to tell
Keep it secret..haha


+Battle of da band 2010+

Ohlaaa...diz year festival seni uniten is quite meaningful for me
PLAGUE is entering the battle of da band..haha
Quite a small move but bring a lot experience for us
14 band took places in this events
Me,robin,batman and zhaf...same dudes.
I register my band on thursday but the competiton is on sunday
Aihhh...got 2 days to practice...ayoyoyoyoyo
So i choose time is running out from my favourite band-MUSE
wuhuuuuuu...chords and tab quite simple
So i went to bangi to survey for studio..got one
just opened for one month..a new studio...new concept..new price for sure
every night go there for practice..syiokkk
But some of equipment just suck..but mine is epiphone..moderate pickup

In compeition day,direct 14 bands perform at library auditorium
damn wehyy..all the bands are pro ady..wahlauu
PLAGUE is the second band peforming that day..
my voice gone already..hahaa
although we are not listed in the last 5ft finalist
but i'm quite happy and impress with da peformance
next time try again..go!go!plague!


+10 Pictures that will make you say WTF!+

Your house is in fire dumbass!!!!what are you doing there???

When single men goes to work

Bad habits of parents..very bad

Spiderman changed his career to laundryman

Try to make it in uniten examination...you'll get 4 flat

You are very old skool lad...throw that rusting blade


Megan bean fox...a new model...posterized to make you vomit

Supermaskot heroes going back from work

what the??????????

Ni la keje aku kalo dah bosan...aihhh

+Waka waka eh?eh?+

Wahlawey....world cup ended already..
Jom flashback!

1st opening concert world cup;
-Aku kat castle Damai,KL dgn budak2 neh(Baru abeh final :D)

1st kick-off match;
-Aku kat umah alip(sungai chua) sbb ade wat kenduri kat umah die...dgn bdk2 neh agy

Time world cup;
-Byk miss match...sebok manjang jadi faci..wahahahaha

Selected team;
-I'm on oRanJe!! netherland!!

Semi-final match;
-Aku kat PADI-cyberjaya netherland beat brazil!oh yeah!

Final match;
-Lepak seksyen 3 bangi dgn herri..haaa anak aku yg nakal pon ikot skali

Da Result;
-Takper netherland...byk mase bole try agy...sob3

-Ohla netherland!!!!!!!!!!!!!next world cup must be champion!

+It's Not Just An Orientation Day :)+

New intake passed last weeks
I got no intention to wrote about the new students..hehe
But the best part is
I as one of the great fasilitators in the orientation weeks :)
I learned and got a lot of experienced yet joyful moments for the past two weeks time
It's not great,but VERY GREAT..haha
One weeks of induction and one weeks of orientation
I'll miss my mass F yet all the facilitators especially
My group F7 is the best!!!!!!
I wont forget you all...so,dont forget me..haha
Next year must be faci's again.. :)

My Group F7....salute!!!!!!

Group aku sempoi jerr..haha

"Apek,zip seluar ko tebukak" kate zaki n then ak kene candid.. -_____-"

But the most important thing is
I got a looooottttt of friends..haha
Either from the faci's or the new students
I'm so happy to have new friends
[Herri la paling best..hahaha]

Pegawai Trafik Amanah.. :D

Whatever it is
For sure it was the most important and sweetest memory that happened in my life
one of it..haha

Last Day eating with all my sons..gotta miss them :)
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