+That Night :)+

Had a simple event
for Kor Uniten Graduation Night
delay for 3 times already
At last,it was a successful small events
Whatever it is,
the most important things to be consider of
It remarks that everything is going to an end
Already one year here
Next week is final exam
and then,everyone will go through their path
no more noisy IKAL after diz
I'll be missing all of that
owh ya,that night performed with cheelee
eventhough our peformance was not so good
but i think that's quite impressive for first experiences for cheelee..
.Going To An End.

Cheelee,why look so sad?hahaha :)

I'm going to miss u all..haha


Anonymous said...

perform ngan awek ker cik abg kite ni

+Constant_ApeQ+ said...

haizzz...sikit2 awek..kalo aku ckp tu nenek aku cmne?keh3

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