+Facilitator 2010+

Yeah,the newcomers will registered this saturday and sunday..
My new adik2..haha
wth am i doing here in uniten?
wahaa,,,i'm one of the facilitator ^______^
First time got excited but when the induction program started,
before coming to uniten,i got fever one week before
and now today i can't go to the induction
need to rest at apartment
my whole body rosak already
Yesterday when i cough there's blood coming out
donno what happened
hope it's just a normal fever
haizz...diz whole 2 weeks will be hell tired
hoping everything gonna be alright
world cup?
dream la...


Me expert in cooking what...hehehe :D

welcome to my new adik2 btw
300 scholars will be registered this year
god! (o.0)


+The Last Night As Foundation Students+

Tak sangka aku,cepat sangat masa berlalu...baru jer abeh final exam
for final semester foundation..
Ya Allah,serius masa sgt cpt bejalan
Ade dah membe aku yang akan fly..
paling awal next month...rindu siot diorang :(
baru jer setahon hidop sesame,gelak same2,njoy same2
sumpaa aku miss gile tyme tu..
tp hidop aku cmni la..mmg selalu terpisah dgn membe2 rapat
aliff fildza...dah nak pergi dah..mmg rapat ngan die
tetibe jer hilang dari aku...
aku pown xtaw smpai bile bnde nh jadi bnde cmni..
slalu org yg rapat ngan aku pergi
tp tulah yang kite panggil lumrah..
Malam khamis 9june 2010 kitorang dah tamat foundation uniten 09/10
Malam tu kitorang pergi maen futsal,g lpak mamak
gelak2..haha..pasni xtaw lagi ade ker tak cmtu
malam tu jugak la kitorang mandikan budak2 yg akan fly dgn tepung+telo..
padan muke ko nik dgn ikmal adian..haha
tp tula kenangan kite kat sini
ingatla sampai bile2
korang la yg menyinari hidop aku...
korang yang bergelar 'sahabat'

Trimas everbody!!!got very nice moments with you all :)


+That Night :)+

Had a simple event
for Kor Uniten Graduation Night
delay for 3 times already
At last,it was a successful small events
Whatever it is,
the most important things to be consider of
It remarks that everything is going to an end
Already one year here
Next week is final exam
and then,everyone will go through their path
no more noisy IKAL after diz
I'll be missing all of that
owh ya,that night performed with cheelee
eventhough our peformance was not so good
but i think that's quite impressive for first experiences for cheelee..
.Going To An End.

Cheelee,why look so sad?hahaha :)

I'm going to miss u all..haha


+Final exam pray+

Final exam is just around the corner
Just need to study hard
like hell exactly
Recover my suck pointer
what i need to do now
is keep studying and
keep praying for the best..
keep praying...
praying for da best...

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