+It's S.U.N.B.U.R.N+

Had sports carnival for scholars lately
Behind ilmu at hockey field and futsal court
Quite enjoyable but
It was extremely sahara there!!!!!
Aihh..i was burnt dat day
Damn hot maaaa..
Taking part in futsal at dat day
Fuhh,,i'm fried at the court
Playing at 12 noon..crazy laaaa
Starts at 8a.m and ends at 4p.m
haha..but i do enjoy myself dat day

Yaaa..ini org y kuat kacau ak tyme sports carnival...hehehe =)

+World Most Suck Website!!and i totally hate it!

Try to take a look at this website
It's rilly2 sucks
And i totally hate it damn much
Very2 stupid designer made this website
They sell bride formal clothes
But the themes is not right
try to take a look


and get ready to vomit..kah3blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


+ApeQ Rilly Needs Vacation!+

Haihhhh...i rilly need vacation
I want to go out to release all da stress and pressure inside my head
I want to have a long vacation
I want to go oversea
I want to find something new out there
I want to get rid of all my stress in my head
I want to have a vacation!
So,I want to go to sydney!!!!
why sydney?i also donno..
suddenly i think sydney is a nice place to be
sydney is a nice town to visit
sydney is something that we need to discover
sydney is having something that we need to revealed
So,who wants to accompany me?
Anyone are welcome..kakaka
I want to make my passport full
32 pages with different country remarks..haha
but now only have 2 (-___-")
Japan and Singapore
the worst part is my passport ends this 31 december 2010
so,lets go sydney!!!


Take almost 30 minutes to transform my laptop interface
I forgot to take the stack docklet
haishhh..but finally worked
Rocketdock transformed my interface same as macbook..
keh3...bole la berangan pakai macbook
haha..thanks rocktdock

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