+That's what i want+

Yesterday (Wednesday) as usual went to seksyen 15 bangi
watch football le..ape lagi..
but this time we r not going by ourself..something different happened
things that i like lol (^.^) hahaha
first time here i went there 1 'malaysially'eheee
We go together with our chinese friends..
shao shen,yong bing,jung kit,jit yang and ronald..haha
Quite enjoy with them..
sit together in one table
play pakau together
watch football together
had a talk together
having our laugh together
haha..that is what i want
i dont care who you are
i dont care which races you are
i dont care which religious you are
the importance is we got tagged together
unity is everything
and of course you r my friends..haha
watching football and laugh until 5.00 a.m in da morning
eventhough got class at 9 a.m hehehe
and one more thing is
manchester united lose that night to bayern!!
haha..padan muke wehy!!!!!
that's what i want also..kakakakaaka
because what?
because that night,i am the only person who support bayern munich
the others sibuk dgn man.u
kakaka..padan muke korang sume..wekkkk!!!hehehe

manchester united is a loser..kakakakablogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


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