+The Two weeks chronology....+

Not blogging for almost a month..
Very-very busy and totally depressed for the days..
Especially for the past two weeks chronology..
At last,i managed to escaped from the nightmares..
I dont know what happened..
To IKAL....to our department...to our dean..
Everything just turns themselves as barrier for me
But,i accept it..maybe there's something wrong from us..
For all my effort and for all my works is giving a nonsense outcomes
I'm quite dissapointed from that..
i know,nothing can be done by just sitting down and let the things gone
Just move into another plan..
slightly not as what am i expected..but,it's still ok..
Maybe it's better than just doing nothing..
Hoping the events will become a joyful one...
Hoping everyone will cheer up..
Hoping everyone will get benefit from that..
Hoping the happiness will be with them..
Even,i'm the one who are the saddest one..


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