+No mood at all.....+

Sem 3 had just begun...
I'v started my 3rd sem with a big burden..
Theres a lot of things to think...
My head just turn upsidedown..
Sem 3 started with no laugh,with no joy with all my friends..
because of what?
our pointer is just like hell...very hell
We just keep silent because everyone is burden by that thing
I' m not expecting my pointer will turn like this
For that one day i can't sleep bcoz keep thinking bout this
think bout pointer,jpa,parents,family n lots more
Haihh...i hate this environment..very2 grimmed..
There's no noise at apartment like past..
everyone keep thinking bout the same thing as i am..just keep silent still
jpa...will i and my friends stay with you for next year?
who knows...
i cant think..aihh...look foward..


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