+This world.....+

Last NIght went out from house..
Look over the sky...searching for stars..
I got nothing to do..look at the beautiful sky and stars..
Since then,i kept thinking to
For me,earth isn't a safer place anymore..
look around you
whom can you trust?
whom can you depend on?
sigh..what happened to you earth?
Then, i realised that
Good people has such no place in this world
Bad people is such a king nowadays
theres no rules,no objection about conspiracy around us
Politics?what a shame to talk about that rubbish thing
Where is justice in this world?
yeah,absolutely in the dustbin!
Trust nobody is a new trend in this millenium decade
All things seems to be inverted..
Betrayal,defamation,liar and injustice is our new leader
Welcome to reality
Whether you realised it or not,it depend on you
But,behind every difficulties,theres lies guidance
theres still solution to it
it was the only hope
to transform this world back to its natural..
it is what we called as
But it seems to disappeared..
because love is being used to obscure others sight..
trust yourself..
enough,i want to pack all my stuff
i'm heading pluto right now..


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