+Potato and Ain Shamimi..a linkage+

I am so glad and happy that potato and ain shamimi are friends now
They look like best friends that know each other since long time ago..aihhh
weird person la this two girls..
but,dont care bout that..
what more important is,i've made another linkage between my friends
i love to make linkage between friends..
because this can strengthen friendship bonds between us..
as the main branch of the linkage,i also have my own responsibilities
to take a good care between us..and i realized it needs 'unmasked behavior'
Friends cant be compared with money
as it priceless in our life..haha
but,sometimes this two girls looks like wanna kenakan me la..aihhblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
diorang berdua nh mmg mcm berpakat nak kenekan aku..keh3
mcm2 la,but that is kind of gurau2 la kot in friends..haha
pape pon,congrats to potato n ain coz da jadi kawan...and,dh mcm bestfriend plak..
after this,i think i'm going to made another linkage..
an infinity linkage..insyallah..haha
owh ya,aku lpe aku tak abis stadi lg..aihhhhblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


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