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At home recently..haaa
Having my rest for this holiday...sleep,sleep and sleep
I need to go back early cause my nakal young brothers broke his leg..very good!
Went home last saturday..meet all my relatives and beloved family
And my beloved motorcycle..he miss me badly..haha
Saturday evening,my pak su came to my house..start to talk about business
He is business minded person..so,i love to have a talk with him
just imagine since 6.00 p.m until 10.00 p.m we had a non-stop business talk
I am very glad that day
That 4 hours i spend with him, many new things i learned in business..
thanks a lot pak su!
He taught me about the actual business leverage..
how to counter with various plans..
Guide me to choose the right path in business..
Open my mind in various ways..
Not to being selfish in business,despite you need to help others..
Taught me not to double your profit but tripled it!
very good pak su..i love to discuss this things with you..
and about the new business you introduce to me,i will think about it..haha
Forgot bout that..now,i kept thinking what i'm gonna do this whole two weeks holiday
no idea lol..haha
Yesterday is chinese new year and valentine day..but i dont celebrate valentine maa..
only chinese new year..haha
went to my father chinese friends house..ho liou!
happy CNY to all my chinese friends..!
And i still kept thinking what i'm gonna do this holiday..aihhh


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