+Itu baru lelaki....+

Apabila menemui jalan untuk mencapai ke kemuncak,
"Adakah ia merbahaya" dan "Bolehkah aku melakukannya" dah tak wujud lagi!!
Aku hanya perlu mendaki ke kemuncak itu
Sekurang-kurangnya lelaki yang mengajar aku tentang hidup bersifat begini
Jika bakat kau tak mencukupi
Tanyalah sesiapa sahaja yang mungkin dapat membantu kau menajamkan skil kau
Biar kotorkan tangan sendiri...
Biar ditinggalkan oleh orang yang kita cintai....
Matlamat kita tetap tak berubah....
Iaitu ingin sampai ke kemuncak!
Setiap lelaki harus mempunyai keinginan untuk mencapai kejayaan..
Kejayaan yang hanya boleh ditemui di kemuncak!
Bagaimana dengan mereka yang tiada sebarang kurniaan istimewa?
apa yang harus mereka buat?
Hanya orang yang tak putus asa sampai ke saat terakhir tahu jawapannya!
Ya,itulah pendapat aku
Aku nak sampai ke kemuncak dan rasa kejayaan tu..

+This world.....+

Last NIght went out from house..
Look over the sky...searching for stars..
I got nothing to do..look at the beautiful sky and stars..
Since then,i kept thinking to
For me,earth isn't a safer place anymore..
look around you
whom can you trust?
whom can you depend on?
sigh..what happened to you earth?
Then, i realised that
Good people has such no place in this world
Bad people is such a king nowadays
theres no rules,no objection about conspiracy around us
Politics?what a shame to talk about that rubbish thing
Where is justice in this world?
yeah,absolutely in the dustbin!
Trust nobody is a new trend in this millenium decade
All things seems to be inverted..
Betrayal,defamation,liar and injustice is our new leader
Welcome to reality
Whether you realised it or not,it depend on you
But,behind every difficulties,theres lies guidance
theres still solution to it
it was the only hope
to transform this world back to its natural..
it is what we called as
But it seems to disappeared..
because love is being used to obscure others sight..
trust yourself..
enough,i want to pack all my stuff
i'm heading pluto right now..

+Fall In Love With.......+

I just fall in love..
with HIM
Weird?him?sorry..i'm not gay
just fall in love only..
The one who catch my eyes..
The one Who makes me always think about it..
The one who is perfect on my eyes..
The one who Get a place inside my heart
The one that i always potrays in my mind..
that is you..
Fullfilled my criteria
The apple of my eyes
And i hope you understand
Yet heard it..
That i just love you

Manson M1D1...why you steal my heart..aihhh

+An openage leverage...+

At home recently..haaa
Having my rest for this holiday...sleep,sleep and sleep
I need to go back early cause my nakal young brothers broke his leg..very good!
Went home last saturday..meet all my relatives and beloved family
And my beloved motorcycle..he miss me badly..haha
Saturday evening,my pak su came to my house..start to talk about business
He is business minded person..so,i love to have a talk with him
just imagine since 6.00 p.m until 10.00 p.m we had a non-stop business talk
I am very glad that day
That 4 hours i spend with him, many new things i learned in business..
thanks a lot pak su!
He taught me about the actual business leverage..
how to counter with various plans..
Guide me to choose the right path in business..
Open my mind in various ways..
Not to being selfish in business,despite you need to help others..
Taught me not to double your profit but tripled it!
very good pak su..i love to discuss this things with you..
and about the new business you introduce to me,i will think about it..haha
Forgot bout that..now,i kept thinking what i'm gonna do this whole two weeks holiday
no idea lol..haha
Yesterday is chinese new year and valentine day..but i dont celebrate valentine maa..
only chinese new year..haha
went to my father chinese friends house..ho liou!
happy CNY to all my chinese friends..!
And i still kept thinking what i'm gonna do this holiday..aihhh

+And Finally.....+

Finally today 11february2010 final exam trimester 2 ends....!
P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E lol...haha
a week in examination 'hell' ends...aihhh..baru sem 2..kepoh..
There's still lot of exams awaiting for me...sem 3,bla,bla,bla and so on..
But still got time to relax maaa...
wahaa,after finish exam i went to alamanda wif bak,alip n atiq..got nothing to do there
just take a walk..alip want to buy futsal shoes..i bought 10 cd-r..bak? eat,eat and eat
Tonight going to kajang to play futsal wif friends until 1 a.m..then going to damai until morning..
Thats normal routines after exam...even test..haha
ok muhamad safig,stop to talk about after exam activity
so,how's bout your final exam???

firstly,this is what i feel..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
My second feeling is just like this..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Then,it comes like this..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

What happenned to you muhamad safig?
i also donno la...aihh..
For being honest,i think i can answer well this 2nd trimester exam
the problem is,i'm not confident that all my answer will bring me above my target
i'm so worried bout tat..
worried about the things happened in my 1st sem haunted me again..
Afraid of one subject spoilt will pulled others down..really2 hate that..
I hope,this 2nd sem result will be much2 better...
but now,even i feel the freedom but i still cant give a big smile yet..
because many possibilities playing around my head..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Keep thinking about my result....
aihh....cool down apeq..cool down..cool downblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

try to smile..smile..smile,smile,smileblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
but the truth is,i think blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

dont want to smile this time..
wait for my feelings to calm down
then i laugh..aihh


+Wishing All Da' Best+

Just wanna wish you all(uniten students)gudluck for our final exam tomorrow
I wish
I hope
I pray
that i can do better compare to the previous semester
Monday is chemistry
tuesday is calculus and physics which means hell
wednesday is physics lab
thursday is computing skill
and friday is independence day..wahlawey
gud luck to you all especially my friends from the jpa scholar

to orang tue si ain shamimi pliz dont disturb me!
if not,i langgar you with motoblogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i hope i get the 'SEMANGAT' for this whole exam weekblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
gambate kudasai!!!!!!
aku nak sambung stadiblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com *Amat serius nampak*

+Potato and Ain Shamimi..a linkage+

I am so glad and happy that potato and ain shamimi are friends now
They look like best friends that know each other since long time ago..aihhh
weird person la this two girls..
but,dont care bout that..
what more important is,i've made another linkage between my friends
i love to make linkage between friends..
because this can strengthen friendship bonds between us..
as the main branch of the linkage,i also have my own responsibilities
to take a good care between us..and i realized it needs 'unmasked behavior'
Friends cant be compared with money
as it priceless in our life..haha
but,sometimes this two girls looks like wanna kenakan me la..aihhblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
diorang berdua nh mmg mcm berpakat nak kenekan aku..keh3
mcm2 la,but that is kind of gurau2 la kot in friends..haha
pape pon,congrats to potato n ain coz da jadi kawan...and,dh mcm bestfriend plak..
after this,i think i'm going to made another linkage..
an infinity linkage..insyallah..haha
owh ya,aku lpe aku tak abis stadi lg..aihhhhblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

+One More Week+

Recently,i felt like this..blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
because of what?final is just one more weeek to go..

I've started to felt the big stone on my headblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

time is running very fast
but i'm moving very slow..
for this whole week,my mood is unpredictable..

sometimes,i think i'm gonna mad at someoneblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and sometimes,i just felt to kill someoneblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

but,that is a normal state of depressed demanding students..haha
what do i'm gonna do now is just tied my head tight and take the challenge..

stadi,stadi and stadi until my brain wake up 300%blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i hope i can do well in this final exam..
because my previous result is totally suck..aihhhblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


Nothing to wrote..
just wanna say that...
I think she would not heard you..
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