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Went to UNITEN 2010 PC FAIR yesterday
Quite good uniten organizing this pc fair
Mainly students from the COIT department,CLICQ
So,i went there after class with all my dudes..
Wahlau,mcm pasar la!hahaha
Not only electronics stuff but,there’s another bargains too
Oh,I went to the GeneCode booth..
They are providing DERMATOGLYPHICS based on our thumb prints
So,i went there for a try..to know my characteristics based on my thumbprints
Put my thumbs at the scanner to identify my thumbs loop
And the result is i have a double loop thumb prints!
The dermatoglysis analysis my thumb prints and told me that
The characteristics of people having double loop thumbprints is;

-Have two ways of thinking(two ways of thinking,analyzing and solving)
-A very good problem solver
-A businessman heart
-Have a short period of interest(stuff,hobbies,things)
-Loves arguments
-Love to take risk rather than protect himself

Wahaaa...this is my characteristic..based on my thumb prints
What suprise me is,this things is very-very accurate!!!

1)Two ways of thinking-yeah i realized that i love to think about output,effects and outcomes before i make,build or realizing something..wahaa..but,i’m not a good thinkers. Always to think how to become a nakal boy.

2)A businessman heart-The dermatoglysis told me that i’m very suitable in the business world..wahahaaa..i love business too despite to be an engineer..he said that,i’m very suitable in selling,buying....etc in business..yeah!i love business!my thumb prints shown that!so,i will continue my interest in bussiness!

3)Short period of interest-This is very2 accurate!i admit that,firstly,i am very excited with big trucks and machines..then, i started crazy with aeroplanes and jets,then i changed to cars..after that,i'm hypnotized by the [MAChines],damn you steven jobs..haha..and now,i started to obsessed with guitar and music instrument...after this?haha

4)Love arguments-Diz things is no need to be discussed..i love to argue..bcoz i’m a nakal boy..always argue,argue and argue....aihhh..but,argue makes me awake xD

5)Love to take risk-Heh?also no need to talk bout diz..nakal boy like to take risk and never try to protect himself...but,i like to take risk coz it trained me to face this real cruel world and not hiding from it!Taking risk means not to put yourself in danger but to taught you about this life,,which is absolutely cruel..

So?this thing is very accurate..haha...quite interesting la..actually,if i want to know more bout myself,i need to order a report from this GeneCode..which i need to pay rm350.00 per report..aihh..dont want la..haha
Oh,I bought a bag at this pc fair...cute eah?haha

+Kenny chia gempakstarz creative ink design...beg ni sesuai utk budak baik cam aku..haha+

+Back design of kenny chia gempakstarz..creative ink design =)+

next time,hoping uniten organized more happening pc fair..bak!nape ko beli beg same cam aku!hishh!!!!meniru!


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