+Welcome 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+

A new chapter had begun today...2009 ends its syllabus at 31st december 2009 sharp at 12.00 midnight yesterday..haha..welcome 2010!!!!!hope this year i become more and more strong to achieved all my dreams,hope and target..haha....so,speak about new year..whats about da celebration?where am i?what i'm doing that nite?
cehhhh...sharp 12.00 midnight,i countdown by myself la wif all my friends..where?alamada putrajaya..hahaha..i thougt there will be fireworks show at putrajaya dat night..yeah,its a fake..haha..not so enjoyable la dat nite for countdown but we make it alive after dat..after that bored countdown,me,alip,acap and salim went to karoke la..scream for 2010..haha..we had a marathon karaoke la..bcoz our muvie starts at 12.40..yeah,i watched avatar that nite..the first muvie that i watch in 2010..walaweyyyy!!!!!avatar is a nice muvie..yet it was a long plot of story..it takes 2 hours and 40 min to ends..but trust me...TERBAEK!!!!!..haha..after finished my muvie,at 3.40 a.m i think..what am i gonna do?blurred..but i was very,very,very hapy that night..THERE IS NO ROAD BLOCK!!!!!!!!!walaweyyyyy!!!!!!so?tunggu ape lagi?merempit la..hahahak...that nite,the road is mine la..haha..the road is empty,without any cars yet any police..haha..no need to wait..merempit la..hahak..*I'm dead if potato knows this (-__-")..bawak moto tanpa hala tuju plak...so?15 ler..hehe..we'r going to 15 that nite..eat,eat and eat..its already 4.30 in the morning so we decide to going back..tido!!!!!even my new year nite was no so pretty nice to celebrate but i think i enjoyed it.. >.<
welcome 2010!!!!!!and i'm getting older..heh..

+memandangkan new year tak dapat sambut ngan sesape..acecece..aku sambut dengan awek uniten aku jela..yaaaa!!!perkenalkan itu awek aku bak!!!!hak3..wekkkkkkk!!!!!!


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