+Not Fit Enough...haihh+

Apeq is still chicken level in fitness..
all my fitness gone with wind already..
donno where they went..haih..
rite now,all that i know is to produce fat,fat and fat in my body..
forgot to do my fitness...(-__-")
Unitencup 2010 was on track already..
i'm playing for olympiacos team again..
with eyo,moloque,muez and the gang..
our first match ends up 1-0...
who lose?us la...ayoyo
i feel like chicken in the field that day!
i'm playing for the second half bcoz i went there late
gosh dude...running half field and my tongue is out already..
what happened to me??
i donno la..lost all my breath that day
shame la!!!!!!
for sure i must started my fitness back..
i dont want to be chicken....again!


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