+Jog jog and jog+

Recently went to jog wif potato,wenjie,lina,elanie and diz old guy nabeel sidek!
quite tired..but not so cause i had gone through diz all at my school..
even more worst lol at school...especially rugby training..HELL!
wenjie and potato challenged me to go for 20 rounds..
aiyoo..cannot la..i'm not so fit at diz tyme..
but potato was so cute..ALWAYS WALKING NOT RUNNING!haha
now,i wanna be coach for her..an evil coach..muahahaha!
wenjie also like that..riding a bike!uhhhhhh
i can finish for 12 rounds(1 round walking wif potato..ha2)
lina?the king of walking..hehe
wanna start my fitness diz 2nd semester..
since moving to uniten,i already forgot my fitness training,sports and so on..
stadi..stadi..stadi..stadi..stadi..until my head burst..
wey..aku taknak gem0k la!


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